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In this article, Jess Auerbach discusses the inception of the Archive of Kindness initiative and the publication of the book.

The Conversation
In the face of South Africa’s stark inequalities it was clear that many people were likely to fall into even more desperate circumstances once the reality of COVID-19 restrictions set in. Many immediately lost jobs or saw their businesses collapse, and a host of other restrictions led to unprecedented changes in how we lived.

For the first time in the country’s democratic history, all were compelled to consider the realities of other people. These included the physical and the social. Who lived at home? Do they get along? What would the impact be of weeks in the same space without a break? Was there enough food? Did the roof leak?

Remarkably, the country mobilised. Individuals offered whatever support they could, in money, in food and in services. In every corner of the nation, communities sprang into action to take care of their most vulnerable citizens

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